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There are three big questions you must ask of yourself before going into any competitive arena or before taking on a tough life challenge.
1. Do you want to win enough?
2. Do you believe that you will win?
3. Will you keep going until you win?
Frank Dick

Welcome to our site!

We hope to inform you about our international races and activities on the track in Omnisport Apeldoorn
The AR & TV De Adelaar – Track – Piste organizes the following international activities every year

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor jeugddriedaagse omnisport

1. Jeugddriedaagse
Threedays trackcycling youth 10-16 years old

2018: 5-6-7 october.
Learning, training, racing always in october in Omnisport Apeldoorn
If you have no trackbike, you get one for the days
Costs: about 30 euro – No nights – no meals
All kinds of training will be given by experienced trainers and pacemakers
Unique possibility to make aquaintance with trackracing or to become more experienced

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor extropy wedstrijden

2. eXtropyraces
Seven races for riders from 10-18 years, boys and girls until juniors M/F
Several races:
2018: 14 oct. – 3 nov. – 17 nov. – 1 dec. – 8 dec. -16 dec.- 22 dec.
See also: baankalender.

Pointrace-Temporace-Elimination-Scratchraces are in the program Endurance
Sprint-Keirin – 200 meter
But also: Snowballrace-Longest Lap-Cheetahcatch
Snowball-race=trainingsrace for pointrace
Longest Lap = training for surplace
Cheetahcatch-race= training for sprint
eXtropy-races are organized every year in oct.-nov-dec. On Saturday or Sunday
1 race will be held in the Velodrome Amsterdam – 14 oct.
1 race in The Sportpaleis Alkmaar – 3 nov.
Other races all-in Omnisport Apeldoorn

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor next generation omnisport

3. The Next Generation
3 days racing for National Junior Selections M/F
2018: 11-12-13- january

All kinds of racing in three days
No countryranking – every race is an independent race – unique format – no limit of pre-inscription
The program is build after the pre-inscription
Nights at The Ruggestee in Hoenderloo (13 km)
Meals-nights-lunches – costs depends on number of participants
The Next Generationraces are held in january every year
Coach of Danmark: “It is as if it is a small world championship”

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor sprint omnisport

4.  Track Series  –  6 Races on three tracks: Alkmaar-Amsterdam-Apeldoorn

4 nov. Amsterdam Endurance
11 nov. Alkmaar Endurance
18 nov. Apeldoorn Endurance Finals
8 dec. Amsterdam Sprint
9 dec. Apeldoorn Sprint
23 dec. Alkmaar Sprint Finals
Always on Saturdays and Sundays
Age minimal 15 years and older –M/F

All information available

This season not only the next generation is potentially interesting for your riders.

(I will send all the information about the next generation – 11 -12 -13 January – in september)

Also, I would like to make you aware of the ”Track Series”

This tournament takes place in Amsterdam, Alkmaar and Apeldoorn and is for boy/girls, juniors and elite (men/women).

Because of the races are in different weeks you can choose your own schedule.

It’s possible to race only one day, only endurance/sprint or get them both or all.

For young riders it can be useful to race more disciplines. For elite (Sprint) it can be a great test for the World cup Sprint in London for example.


Last year 2017 the Track Series was only a national tournament.

This year 2018, we would like to invite you to make it an international test/ training tournament.

Just to make the competition stronger and to test each rider on a higher and international level.



Endurance races Sprint races
Amsterdam            Sunday 4  November
Alkmaar                 Sunday 11 November
Apeldoorn              Sunday 18 November
Amsterdam            Saturday 8 December
Apeldoorn              Sunday   9 December
Alkmaar                 Sunday 23 December
Velodrome open:     8.00
Track open               9.00
Start races              10.00
Expected end          15.00
Velodrome open:     8.00          -AMS: 11.00
Track open               9.00         -AMS:  12.00
Start races              10.00         -AMS:  13.00
Expected end          15.00        -AMS:   18.00


If you’re interested to participate please contact me.

I can subscribe your riders for races in Apeldoorn or will forward your mail to Amsterdam or Alkmaar if you want to ride that races.

If there are any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.

If you want to participate we send you a pre-inscriptionform
Especially for The Next Generation and  Track Serie Races.